Sunday 27 November 2011

To Mishkin's with love

It was a rather cold and windy Friday evening which had come after a week of  way too much Uni work that I met my friend fellow blogger Amanda to try the newest sibling in the polpo/spuntino/polpetto/da polpo family and I can honesty say it was one of the best dinners I have ever had. I’m not only talking about the Jewish deli style comfort food that gets served up here, no, after being  lucky enough to actually get a table on soft opening night, we were just instantly made to feel at home and didn't want to leave at the end! Walking in I was greeted by Russell Norman, the genius restaurateur behind it all, who gave me the warmest possible welcome and spent the evening chatting to us and other diners, even telling me how he came up with the legendary pbj sandwich at spuntino. He is a true perfectionist that has transformed the restaurant scene in London and who with his lovely staff ( which he told he hires based on their characters not restaurant experience because you can teach that but not how to be a decent person) truly made our night and deserve every bit of success they have had. 

The lovely guys behind the bar
London Cup

Even though it was opening night and everyone was apparently feeling a little tired from all the work that had been done in the run up to it (although we couldn't tell) there wasn't a single glitch and the food was absolutely delicious. It's what I love at spuntino and now here, there's a menu full of quirky, unusual yet incredibly comforting options that you can't wait to try all and although me and Amanda did our best to split everything and thus sample as much as of the dishes as possible as we left we were already discussing what to have next time! The cocktails, most of them gin based looked rather enticing too and the London cup which we ordered after Russell recommended it for our girly tastes was refreshing and like nothing I have had before!  

 View from the bar
For me a truly great restaurant is not about the prices, dressed up waiters or fancily decorated plates- it's about feeling at home, having a fun time and eating good food and Mishkin’s does just that. Everything about is just right and I am sure to become a regular and drag my friends along just as I will continue to do at spuntino. Thanks to Russell, Tom and all the team for basically rescuing our weeks and making us leave with a big smile on our faces!
Lox beigel with house schmear
Big apple dog dragged through the garden

Cod cheek popcorn
Banana fosters and honey & apple blintzes

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