Wednesday 24 August 2011

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Shanghai chic

These trousers were a Topshop flash sale bargain par excellence at a mere £7 (£6.30 with student discount which I of course insisted on). At first I wasnt too sure about the flick hem cut of the trousers but the lovely dark blue colour, silk like material and delicate print convinced me to take the trousers even with initial doubts how I would make them work. Accesories are key here as I tried to keep the rest of the outfit quite simple to make the trousers really stand out, using the earrings, choker necklace and floppy hat to pick up on the colours of the print and compliment the quite dressy look of the trousers. I am currently slightly obsessed with combining strong colours within outfits as seen on the Gucci A/W catwalk as you have probably noticed by now and there is more to come!!

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Colour clash



Tuesday 2 August 2011

Back to the future

This dress was an absolute bargain and once again a real gem within the ASOS black range. As you have probably noticed I have a dress or two from this collection and each one is always qualitative superb and with a real high fashion touch. This one was reduced from £155 to £50 and fits perfectly into A/W1's futuristic trend with its geometric perspex embellishments. It works extremely well with the Miss Selfridge blouse which is from their special new capsule collection Project 1 and gives young designers the chance to design some key pieces sold in their shops nationwide.