Thursday 28 September 2017


Shirt / Gant
Earrings / All Things Mochi
Sunglasses / Quay Australia
Boots / Mango

Tuesday 26 September 2017


Shirt / ARKET
Jeans / ARKET
Ballerinas / New Look

Thursday 21 September 2017


Jacket / ASOS
Dress / 5Preview
Shoes / Superga
Earrings / & Other Stories

Monday 18 September 2017


Jumper / Kim Gordon for & Other Stories
Earrings / & Other Stories
Jeans / Topshop
Boots / Mango

Thursday 14 September 2017


Jacket / Nasty Gal
Top / Ellesse
Skirt / 5Preview
Shoes / Vans

Wednesday 13 September 2017


My blog tends to be about all things fashion and food but there are of course many other things in life that matter in the everyday! Below a few of my beauty, wellness and well being essentials that make my life that little easier!


I am a terrible sleeper and one of those people that decides to have the most existentialist of thoughts just as my head is about to hit the pillow. I don't help matters by giving in and glancing at my Insta feed when I should be switching off nor do things get easier by the fact that I generally require total darkness and silence to even get close to keeping my eyes shut. But there are steps you can take to improve your sleeping pattern and which are vital when you consider just how important a good night's rest is for your general well being.

One thing indeed has fully transformed my nightly routine and surprisingly it is in the form a portable stick. What am I talking about? Well you all need to invest in one of Scentered's all natural Sleep Well aromatherapy balms ASAP and I promise you you won't look back. Aromatherapy has always been something I was a little critical about but here the science behind it is used to calm the body naturally and really helped me establish a night time ritual.

Now before I go to bed I put my technology away, apply the stylishly packaged little balm to my pulse points and inhale deeply to fully appreciate its calming fragrance notes. I kid you not after 10-20 minutes I am sleepy, calm and ready for bed. Every one of my friends that has tried it is now hooked so get yourself one before it's too late, I for one had a minor hissy fit when I realised I forgot to take my balm on a recent trip to Helsinki.


I've had sensitive skin since I can remember (I blame my Scandi genes) and regularly suffered from rather unsexy dry and irritated skin patches on my face, caused mainly by make up remover wipes full of chemicals and not finding the right moisturiser to protect it from weather changes and other environmental factors as well as stress. That all changed however when my flatmate introduced me to Liz Earle's amazing range of beauty products which cater particularly to those with sensitive skin.

In fact my skin has never been better since I started using both the Liz Earle cleanser and moisturiser. There are zero nasties in their ingredients list and the cleanser is not only super gentle in getting your make up off, being applied with a hot muslin cloth, but also actually works out cheaper than having to buy make up wipes every few weeks, with a big bottle of it costing you £15 and lasting a good 3-4 months.

The moisturiser is a little more pricy at £25 but has done absolute wonders to my skin and has quickly become an irreplaceable part of my daily beauty regime, with pride of place on my bed side table. As boring as it sounds skin care is definitely something to invest in, especially as you get older, and for me at least Liz Earle's product are worth every single penny when it comes to keeping my skin happy!


Now this isn't strictly for your well being but there is nothing I love more to help me unwind after a long day at work than lighting an amazing smelling candle in my room. I've bought a fair few candles in my years, ranging from the really bad (I don't recommend buying candles from Poundland EVER no matter how enticing the price) to the simply sublime that don't cost the world (unlike Diptyque) which is the case with the fantastic candles that the guys at at Wax + Wick make by hand in their Hackney studio.

The packaging is sublime and each candle jar is a repurposed wine bottle from a local east London restaurant. Of course it is the smell that matters the most ultimately and the smoked tobacco and salted bourbon variety I went for was just incredible, made from soy wax it was undoubtedly one of the nicest and (pleasantly) strongest smelling candles I've ever come across. I am already having to ration myself in burning it as I am scared it will run out too soon otherwise!

Monday 11 September 2017


Tee / Amazon
Skirt / ASOS
Shoes / Mango
Bag / Sophie Hulme

Thursday 7 September 2017


Dress / Hype
Shoes / Superga
Sunglasses / Monki

Monday 4 September 2017


Jeans / Vera Moda
Shoes / New Look