Monday 31 August 2015

Paisley Pattern

Shirt / ASOS
Flares / Miss Selfridge
Shoes / ASOS

Thursday 27 August 2015

Going Grunge

Dress / Meadham Kirchhoff
Trainers / Adidas

Monday 24 August 2015

Almost Famous

Jumpsuit / Topshop
Shoes / ASOS

Thursday 20 August 2015

Block Colours

Dress / House Of Holland
Shoes / Adidas

Monday 17 August 2015

That 70's Bloom

Shirt / The Vintage Store Brick Lane
Skirt / ASOS
Boots / ASOS

Thursday 13 August 2015

Recent Eats

Burgers & fries at Yeah Burger!

If you find yourself in King's Cross and fancy a burger I'd highly recommend Yeah Burger! In residence at the Star of King's Cross Pub, this is honest and tasty food served in an unpretentious and fun environment. With the chefs here  having previously worked at one of my burger favourites Lucky Chip, the menu options are far from your run of the mill fast food joint here, think wasabi mayo, mushroom truffle oil fries and beetroot and goat cheese to accompany your meat patty (plus really anything else you could think of to add to a burger if you wish). As semi-veggie and with rather annoying gluten intolerance I also really appreciated their clearly labelled and gluten free friendly menu that made it super easy to find something tasty I could eat without risking tummy ache ( on this occasion a veggie burger served as salad - hallloumi, bulgar wheat, sour cream and all sorts of other veggie goodness). Overall me and my flatmate left slightly tipsy from the very tasty Mojitos that went with our meal and highly satisfied. Comfort food at good prices, hard to find in central London and guaranteed at Yeah Burger!

White chocolate covered pretzels

If you ever want a super indulgent and moorish treat that doesn't require baking yet still gives you that feeling of reward of having made something edible yourself these are exactly what you are looking for because all you need are two ingredients - white chocolate ( and I'm talking two bars of the cheap stuff) and a pack of salted pretzels! It might sound a little odd but the mix of salty and  slightly sickly sweet from the white chocolate is absolutely genius.

In terms of prep all you have to do is melt the chocolate - I prefer a bain-marie, basically placing the chocolate in a glass bowl on top of a saucepan with boiling water without the bowel touching the water, rather than microwaving to reduce the risk of the chocolate burning, and then mix the chopped up pretzels with the white chocolate before placing it all in a lined baking tray and leaving to chill in the fridge. Once nice and set all you have to do is smash it into edible bits and you are ready to get stuck in. I warn you though keep them in the fridge a safe distance away, they are very hard to stop eating once you've had your first bite!

Cocktails at 100 Hoxton

I love a good cocktail but unfortunately they always come with a bit price tag, especially in East or Central London, which is why I was more than happy to find that this little gem of a restaurant and bar right behind my house which as it happens offers a daily happy hour until 7pm with 2 cocktails for £10! And thank god here that doesn't mean watered down and overly sugary drinks that you more often than not get served when it comes to this happiest of hours, instead getting expertly mixed cocktails with interesting and experimental flavours ( a favourite being the 100 Hoxton - a ginger, chilli, lemongrass, lychee and prosecco concoction) that made every sip a real joy and saw me and my friend fully utilise the offer with as many orders as we could fit in before the watch turned 7! The perfect place for a mid week cocktail session that won't break the bank!

Smoked salmon, cream and dill courgetti

I know it's oh-so-on-trend but I am massive fan of courgetti, mainly as it means I can have the feeling and near taste of having pasta when due to my gluten issues I should really avoid the real thing and to be honest it also happens to be a lot healthier and in my eyes no less tasty than its carb equivalent! I have made many, many times  with a classic tomato and anchovy sauce, using a great recipe from Rosie Londoner, which is excellent and light but on a rainy Sunday I fancied something a little more indulgent and went for one of my signature sauces.

All you need is a double cream ( around 200ml), milk (125ml), a pack of good smoked salmon ( it is the star of the show here), a bunch of fresh dill, 1 vegetable stock cube and of course courgettes ( I'd say 1 1/2 to 2 per person), plus a bit of white wine if you have some handy, and you are ready to go!

Of course start of with spiralizing your courgetti (I use one similar to this).Then chop up half your salmon into chunks and put in the saucepan with the cream, milk and dill and bring to the boil then add the stock cube and season with pepper to taste ( and add the wine if you fancy it!). Add the courgette and mix thoroughly so that the courgettes warm through without getting soggy. Once plated sprinkle with some more freshly chopped dill and the rest of your salmon, sliced into stripes to go on top, to add that fresh smoked salmon flavour and extra texture!

Delicious, flavourful, fresh and prepared in under 20 minutes!

Tuesday 11 August 2015


Shirt / Urban Outfitters
Skirt / COS
Boots / Kat Maconie
Photography / Christina Papadopoulou

Monday 10 August 2015

Yellow Blossom

Dress / Topshop
Earrings / H&M
Shoes / Zara

Thursday 6 August 2015

White Crochet

Dress / Vintage
Jacket / Topshop
Earrings / ASOS
Shoes / Kat Maconie

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Welcome To My World

Nylon Japan asked me to take a few snaps of my room and I couldn't help but share the full set with you. It may only be a little room in a far from perfect flat on a council estate in East London but I love it. 

Monday 3 August 2015


Skirt / American Apparel
Shoes / JuJu Jellies