Thursday 10 November 2011

St Ali

Australian brunch might not sound familiar to most of you but boy its the best kinda brunch out there and it's what they do at St Ali, my favourite place to hang out on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We aren't talking about run of the mill jam and toast or even worse a full English, no, at St Ali they make brunch the most exciting meal of the day by creating unusual flavour combination that have that certain laid back, fresh feel of Australia and offer a menu full of amazing sounding dishes that make it a joy to return time after time and try something new everytime . St Ali's is originally from Melbourne with this being their first branch in the UK and with a wide wood heavy space, a slightly industrial feel and a coffee roast machine as the centre point, its a place you can easily spend hours reading the weekend papers and sipping on a flat white. Oh did I forget to mention that the coffee here is absolutely brilliant?! Because it is, probably the best in London with every cup lovingly made by barristas that know their coffee and make it a joy to watch them creating little pieces of coffee art right in front of you.

Barrista at work
Amazing flat white, most likely the best coffee in London
signature dish of corn fritters with poached eggs, kazundi, spinach and halloumi cheese (pic courtesy of my lovely blogging friend Jennifer from Styleeast who was with me on this occasion)
My personal favourite- banana bread with coffee mascarpone and plum jam with sesame crisp, a total bargain at £4.75 and majorly addictive

St Ali does brunch and lunch  everyday from 7 am to 6pm and is definitely worth a visit - a unique, cool and most importantly incredibly tasty place that has made brunch my new favourite meal time!


ELLA. said...

Dear god, this looks heavenly! x

Tim Richards said...

Nice pics - I always find taking photos of food a real challenge.

You might like to have a read of this article I wrote about Australian run cafes in London earlier this year.

Tim Richards

styleeast said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm, it was SO YUMMY! Definitely want to go back to try the full brekkie, oh and the banana bread. And, in fact, everything!xx

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