Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pyjama time!

 Not strictly an outfit but these are my lovely new pj's from topshop which are definitely pretty enough to dedicate a little blog post to them!


mispapelicos said...

So cute. 2 pics plenty, yeahhhhh
have a nice weekend.

Ashley said...

Adorable !!!! x

Mary said...

You look adorable as always!

Unknown said...

stella you look amaze!

Unknown said...

They are gorgeous, love how you are dressed up even for bed!

Scarlett said...

I saw your 'What are you wearing?' in Style magazine in the Sunday Times and I adored your hair so I had to check out your blog! I'm so glad I did - I love your outfits xx

Ashley said...

Somehow matching PJs used to make me cringe a couple of years ago, and now I adore them. I've only got one pair and they definitely don't create as composed a look as this.

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