Monday 30 August 2010

Maxi Dress!

I instantly fell in love with this maxi dress from miss selfridges which caused me to buy it even though it is a size too big but hey what are safety pins for! i felt it had a distinct african vibe about which i think is well complimented by the necklace from accessorize. its a dress that is not only wearable in the summer but in the autumn can be adapted with a cool leather jacket so is an all season buy!

Monday 16 August 2010

5 preview new collection!

Emeli from 5preview send me some lovely stuff from the new collection so i made my way to london to take some (hopefully) nice pics that show off her pieces! I mixed it with some of my newer fashion buys which will feature on here soon, especially the maxi dress that i transformed into a maxi skirt on this occasion so watch out for that :)

Monday 9 August 2010

Topshop SALE!

Sorry for my lack of new posts recently, my internet is still playing up :( anyway this outfit is the result of a successfull sales hunt in my local topshop. i got the necklaces, dress and cropped jean jacket for £40 which i think is pretty good for a whole new outfit dont you think?
on another note this week i ordered a black aviator jacket (to be seen on here soon :D) from asos, aviator jackets apperntly THE thing to have in your autumn/winter wardroben and boy even though it cost me a bit, £120 in this case, i am completely besotted with it and want a brown one now!