Thursday 29 September 2011

Stella's Bags

Bags are a very important part of any outfit and of course are the thing that allows us to carry the bare neccesities in life (ie iphone,purse,hairbrush) wherever we go in style. You have probably noticed that I tend to use 3 particular bags quite a lot which I think deserve a little blog post of their own. I personally think every girl needs a decent, good quality black, brown and white bag to be covered for all wardrobe eventualities. In my case these bags are classic designs and worth the extra money I spent on them as they will stay with me for many years and never really go out of fashion. Of course I have few topshop satchels and little clutches, bought according to what was on trend or a particular outfits but these three bags are like reliable friends, that finishing touch to an outfit and although they may get a little battered are very loved and imporant parts of my wardrobe

Chanel 2.55
This is without a doubt my favourite bag and one of the purchases I will never forget, a purchase that in many ways intensfied my love of fashion. I found it after years of dreaming of having my very own piece of Chanel in a vintage shop in Germany when I was 15, given it at an amazingly low price by the owner who obviously saw my eyes light up at the sight of it. It's accompanied to so many important events in my life and I have never grown sick of it. Of course it has gotten the odd scratch over the years but I hope this design classic which has been part of so many outfits on here will stay with me for many years to come.
Alexander Wang Rocco
This is the most recent addition to the three after my mum's black vintage Aigner satchel sadly came to the end of its life. I really like the simplicity of the design with the added edge of the gold studs and the many ways it can be incorperated into an outfit.

Mulberry Alexa
Yes I know this is not the most original bag to own in this day and age and sometimes I do regret buying into an "it" bag idea by getting my very own Alexa but on the other hand I do love the classic colour and design of the bag.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Turquoise Tones

This "skirt" is actually a dress which at first I was planning to wear over the sparkly top but with its beautiful beading it would have been a waste covering up so much of it which is why I simply tucked in the dress to make it into a velvet skirt. It works well with the top and adds an interesting pop of colour in comination with the nude tones that dominatethe top half of the outfit and also means that I can create a completely new look when I actually wear the dress as dress which you will eventually see on here!This is also the first time in many moons that  I have worn flats with an outfit but I think the loafers work quite well and stop the outfit from looking too girly.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Double denim

Just a little outfit that I improvised midweek, nothing new, just reworking some bits and bobs, but I think an interesting and very different way of styling the denim shorts compared to the first outfit they were part of!

Monday 19 September 2011

School girl chic with a fetish edge

Leather skirt= This is from 5Preview, a new piece from an old favourite of mine! Emeli, the designer behind it,  is lovely and she reinvents the label time after time, increasinlgy moving away from the printed tees she started off with and torwards high quality basics like this pleated leather skirt that serve as an amazing foundation to build an outfit from like I did in this case!

Satchel= Cambridge Satchel Co.

Hat= Topshop

T-shirt= Topshop

Necklace= This is also from Topshop but from their special limited edition jewellery collection currently instore which I have been absolutely in love with ( the snake necklace featured recently was also part of it). It is slightly more expensive than the main Freedom jewellery line but I think definetely worth it as the necklace in this case joins the different parts of the outfit into a coherent look, a finishing touch that somehow makes the whole outfit work!

Shoes= Asos

Tuesday 13 September 2011

A new vintage gem

This vintage dress is from newly opened Blitz on Hanbury Street near Brick Lane which prides itself on being the first vintage department shop and has a distincitvely more high fashion feel and pleasant shopping environment than your run of the mill vintage shop. I am fortunate enough to count their lovely PR manager Ella as one of my friends so was invited to the blogger evening and opening party for the shop at which I discovered this beauty of a dress! If you are ever in the area I would fully recommend going to Blitz as everything stocked is of an exqusite quality (the sequins and embellishments were all intact on the dress) and extremely well selected so definetely a new place on my shopping map!

Monday 12 September 2011

Stella's wardrobe (quite literally)

So I thought as my blog is named Stella's Wardrobe it was about time to show you what mine actually looks like! I have just moved into my first proper flat in London and was happy to be given a big build in wardrobe in which I can fit all my stuff and hang everything in outfits (yes I am a bit of a geek when it comes to my clothes!) I find if I have everything sorted in categories like evening shoes,belts,everyday shoes, scarves etc its much easier to build new outfits and get ready quickly in the morning!
PS: tomorrow there will be a new outfit with a very vintage twist!

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Late summer brights

I've been waiting to find an outfit to wear these beautiful Sonia Rykiel vintage earrings with for a while so was delighted when they provided the perfect finishing touch to this one! I love the colour combination here which despite the strong shades of the orange and green still harmonises, allowing me to cling on to the idea of summer a little longer and inject a bit of brightness into a currently very rainy and grey London!