Monday, 14 November 2011

Putting on sequins- Prada style

Skirt- an excellent  and far cheaper ASOS take on the big sequins that featured in Prada's A/W collection


Stefan said...

That skirt is RAD!

xx Steve

styleeast said...

Saw this ensemble on Ella's blog - love it, the skirt is divine! x

mispapelicos said...

Gorgeous skirt. I adore skirts, and this one is so unique, Stella.
5 pics would have been more than enough.
Loving your make up and hair style.
Besos, guapa.


amazing skirt!
following you on bloglovin' now :)


mispapelicos said...

Fantastic Stella.

Snazzy Dollface said...

grt find!

AutoMadchen said...

You have a LOT of style!

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