Monday 30 November 2009

Topshop Pansy Skirt

This skirt though extremmmmmmly short has one of my favourite prints. At first glance the pansy print looks quite ordinary but when you look closer there are little skulls printed in the middle of each flower. This skirt is from the summer topshop collection which i have to say i really enjoyed, lots of different prints and shapes.

Saturday 28 November 2009

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M dress II

This is pretty much the most expensive dress i own but the detail in it is amazing and i think it's a dress i will be able to wear for many more years to come. I literally had to fight for it when the collection launched and only by chance found one on an abandoned rail as everything else was sold out within the first 5 minutes! you can of course dress it up but i prefer the more casual look for this dress. for some reason a simple h&m jeans jacket seems to really do it for this dress!

Monday 23 November 2009


Fancy dress party. Futuristic Look. American Apparel gold hoodie. Gold Kurt Geiger Heels. Good Night.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Vintage Butterfly Top

This one of my favourite vintage finds, discovered amidst other treasures in a vintage shop in Camden, London. I have another one of these butterfly tops in purple because in my opinion a girl can never have enough sequins. i hate people that sequins can only be worn on special is a special occasion so wear them when you feel like it!

Saturday 14 November 2009

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Review of 5preview?

The first time i saw a 5preview t-shirt was while sitting in a japanese noodle in germany out of all places! flicking through instyle i suddenly spotted this amazing printed t-shirt so with no pen i memorized the name (of course forgetting it the day after), determined to get my hand on one of their t-shirts! after numerous googling attempts i did finally find their blog (, its definetly worth checking out especially because there is a friendly atmosphere where everyone can share their thoughts on the design or send in pics of them in 5preview and the designers themselves are very friendly and willing to help with any queries. They are really good quality t-shirts that you can dress up with anything really. Here I chose my sequined topshop mini and H&m leather jackets but more 5preview stuff is still to come!

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Monday 9 November 2009


I have a slight obsession with Nike high tops. I think they are the only trainers (or sneakers if you are American) that can be elegant, on trend and crucially can easily be combined with dresses. This pair is hands down my favourite pair. It's the result of a collaboration between Nike and Liberty ( an English fashion legend known for their famous flowery prints) and came out this year in a strictly limited edition. They literally sold out in minutes in the UK but as is always the case with me once I am in love with something i have to get it!! So because i have a connection to Germany ( my granddad lives there) i found a shop in berlin that stocked them and ordered them on next trip over there. I guess i can thank the german's lack of interest in the genious that are nike high tops for finally getting my hands on them!
Also wanted to recommend another great blog as I always seem to forget to mention it! they did a lovely little feature on my blog and generally have great stuff on there.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Summery times

I thought i'd show you some of omy favourite things that i wore in the summer seeing that it might distract me from the fact that it's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing outside! this playsuit is from, an online only store that has its own line as well as stocking all the big and hip high street labels. i am always a bit careful when buying things online without having tried them because i like feeling the material and seeing how things are cut. i dont mind buying handbags and accessories online but with dresses etc. it's more tricky. this time though i took the risk and bought this jeans playsuit and i have to say overall a good buy quality could have been better but it was reduced to £19 so it was all in all a worthy buy.