Monday, 3 October 2011

Bubblegum bangs

This week I made the brave step of finally having a colour rinse done on my dip dyed ends after Grace my hairdresser at Bleach did some very good convincing! It only lasts a few washes and I think works brilliantly with this ensemble where I have restyled my blue feather skirt with key pieces for this upcoming season like the coloured fur hat and chunky knit jumper. It definetely won't be the last time I will try a colour so watch this space!


lasophia said...

Your eyeliner is amazing. i've tried and tried to lay mine on thick, but Ill keep trying. Your blog has super inspired me.

mispapelicos said...


Pearl Westwood said...

The colour is lovely so subtle but really effective x

Irina Lakicevic said...

I kind of a just discovered your blog and I absolutly love your style!! Such an inspiration!

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