Thursday 20 October 2011

I Heart Spuntino

I know I usually only share my outfits  but as I love my current home town of London as much as my wardrobe I thought I'd try sharing some of my favourite places to eat, shop and hang out! To start I want to introduce you guys to my favourite place to eat out in London, a totally unique place with an amazing atmosphere!
Spuntino on Rupert street isn't your average restaurant for starters it's location between sex shops and slightly dodgy acupuncture and massage parlours in London's Soho doesn't make it sound too promising and because of lacking a proper sign ( it's name only written in chalk very inconspicuously on a brass board outside) you need to know where it is and what it is to know how good it is! Inside it's in the style of a 1920's speakeasy, there are 20 odd stools around a brass bar, lighting is dark and Johnny Cash is blurring out of the speakers. The staff are young, mostly tattooed and make you feel instantly at home and, as I have been a bit of a regular, even know my name every time I return.

 The food is italo-American with a twist, transforming simple dishes like cheese on toast into truffled egg toast which is seriously to die for! Cocktails are prepared right in front of you and desserts like the amazing peanut-butter and jelly sandwich which in actual fact is peanut butter ice cream shaped like toast with berry compote in the middle and crunchy cornflakes on top make it place that's deliciously different, inventive and affordable,  serving food that it is worth coming back for! It's a place you can hang out and chat at for hours, it's concept, food and staff so well chosen that you feel like in a completely different world and can forgot about the hustle and bustle of London for a few hours while you are seated at the bar. I have taken most of my friends by now and though some are a bit sceptical at the beginning, every single one left completely won over by the whole atmosphere of the place.

 free chilli popcorn to start with

truffled egg toast (what's left of it), curly string fries, mac n cheese

The infamous peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Spuntino doesn't do reservations and doesn't even have a phone line so if you ever go you will most likely have to queue but trust me it will be worth it!


Twins said...

OMG!!! It looks so good!! Its breakfast timein Monaco, Im soooo hungry! ;-)
The place looks really cool! xx

mispapelicos said...

Very nice!!!
Have a wonderful weekend, Stella.

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