Thursday, 13 October 2011

Paying a visit to Oxygen boutique

The other week I went to the Oxygen boutique to have a look at the brands they 
stock and created some nice outfits using pieces from the shop! I really loved 
the Equipment shirt and am desperate to get some Jeffrey Campbell boots for this 
winter after trying on this incredibly comfortable pair! 


Unknown said...

I want the last shirt and dress wowwwww x

the nyanzi report said...

great collection of outfits.

p.s. i saw you around tottenham court road earlier this week coming from your university but i was on a bus.

b and e said...

love it~


mispapelicos said...

Love the pearly dress and the necklace in the fisrt pic the best.

Anonymous said...

Very jealous of you Jeffrey Campbells, I'm hoping for some Lita's for christmas :)
L x


Hello lovely!love your style + make up + hair!The dress is gorgeous!

Ashley said...

I love how that necklace is a little petite, but still quite the statement. Plus, I enjoy the color of the blouse too and it's texture against the leather skirt. The velvet dress is fantastic also. Three different looks and the boots mix so well.

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