Thursday 29 September 2011

Stella's Bags

Bags are a very important part of any outfit and of course are the thing that allows us to carry the bare neccesities in life (ie iphone,purse,hairbrush) wherever we go in style. You have probably noticed that I tend to use 3 particular bags quite a lot which I think deserve a little blog post of their own. I personally think every girl needs a decent, good quality black, brown and white bag to be covered for all wardrobe eventualities. In my case these bags are classic designs and worth the extra money I spent on them as they will stay with me for many years and never really go out of fashion. Of course I have few topshop satchels and little clutches, bought according to what was on trend or a particular outfits but these three bags are like reliable friends, that finishing touch to an outfit and although they may get a little battered are very loved and imporant parts of my wardrobe

Chanel 2.55
This is without a doubt my favourite bag and one of the purchases I will never forget, a purchase that in many ways intensfied my love of fashion. I found it after years of dreaming of having my very own piece of Chanel in a vintage shop in Germany when I was 15, given it at an amazingly low price by the owner who obviously saw my eyes light up at the sight of it. It's accompanied to so many important events in my life and I have never grown sick of it. Of course it has gotten the odd scratch over the years but I hope this design classic which has been part of so many outfits on here will stay with me for many years to come.
Alexander Wang Rocco
This is the most recent addition to the three after my mum's black vintage Aigner satchel sadly came to the end of its life. I really like the simplicity of the design with the added edge of the gold studs and the many ways it can be incorperated into an outfit.

Mulberry Alexa
Yes I know this is not the most original bag to own in this day and age and sometimes I do regret buying into an "it" bag idea by getting my very own Alexa but on the other hand I do love the classic colour and design of the bag.


Unknown said...

Love them all, you are so lucky! At the moment I'm in love with my satchel.

LUU H. said...

i have still not bought a single brand purse, but i'm so damn impressed to buy a chanel bag of an age 15!! wow

MEXICO said...

love 'em! darling, did you see i also startet a blog:

let's hang out when you're in the dorf next time!

styleeast said...

*bag envy*!! xx