Sunday 28 June 2020


Unfortunately for the time being it doesn't look like gyms are going to be opening any time soon, Boris more preoccupied with pubs than keeping obesity at bay it appears, which means Zoom workouts will be part of our lives for the time being.

Since lockdown came into force 8 weeks ago I have tried my way across just about every online workout and the one that has really stuck with me is ACE 360 Fitness, the closest thing to a PT you will get, all at a super good price and with probably my favourite trainer out there.

Indeed Alex Castro, the mastermind behind this online workout programme, made up of 3 live hourlong workout sessions a week and two pre-recorded ones, has been my favourite Barry's UK trainer ever since I started going 2 years.

He is the antidote to the "full of himself' body builder type - though no doubt super toned, he is one of the nicest and most genuinely caring people I have come across and a fantastic trainer as well, in fact his classes at Barry's were consistently booked out by regulars who refused to be trained by anyone else but him.

A little sceptical of Instagram and the online world pre-Covid, Alex came up with ACE 360 Fitness when the world needed it the most, and the community he has created around  as well as the consistently high quality workouts him and his team have developed have been a total life saver to me during this very weird and unstructured time.

Indeed what makes this programme so great, is the bespoke approach to the workouts - for £48 a week you can be part of his 4 week long programme in a group with only 5 others, basically providing you with a PT experience without the huge price tag attached. You will need a pair of dumbbells and the willingness to commit to 5 times a week of super solid working out, all led by a coach that never fails to encourage you, even if you are having the most rubbish day worrying about what the future will hold and further support by a Whatsapp group that also becomes somewhat of social net to fall back on.

The gym and workout classes may never return to the "old normal" but that has turned out to not be as bad as I first thought. The fitness scene has changed forever and if you want a unique online workout experience that actually WORKS sign up for ACE 360 Fitness now, you won't regret it.

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