Thursday, 1 November 2012

Chicken Shop

Half a chicken, side salad with buttermilk dressing, crinkle cut chips and the delicious aioli mayo
There are always new food trends emerging and anyone that has been following my blog has been seeing A LOT of burgers of late. However as is the case with fashion trends come and go and burgers have, it seems, had their big moment (although my weekly trips to Lucky Chip for their veggie burgers and fries shall not be ending any time soon). So what is the next big thing you may ask? Well it looks like the humble chicken is getting a gastronomic makeover, once more high powered and trend savvy restauranteurs , in Chicken Shop's  case Nick Jones who is the man behind the infamous Soho House Group and Pizza East restaurant chain, have taken a simple comfort food and  the principle minimal menu choice and in Chicken Shop's case managed to  create a great concept around it that made me immediately fall in love the restaurant. A wood heavy basement space (upstairs is the third Pizza East London now has to offer which I shall review another day), Chicken Shop has a warm atmosphere that is inspired by but doesn't try to immitate a warm American style dinning experience. 
The menu is brief and read of a board, a choice of a quarter, half or for the very brave whole chicken that is prepared in an open kitchen rotisserie style, crinkle cut chips, coleslaw or a salad offered as simple yet well prepared sides. To spice it up two different sauces, one spicy, one smokey as well as their delicious aioli mayo are provided for the table, for a girl that likes her condiments a heavily amount of sauces that complimented but didn't overwhelm the star of the show, the chicken. I am no big meat eater, chicken being the only real meat I eat and even then only occasionally but here the free range chicken so carefully basted and roasted was absolutely delicious.
 I have to admit however that the real highlight of the meal was the dessert. Now I'm quite picky when it comes to dessert, having a sweet tooth I know what I like and don't like. This is why I was a little dubious when me and my friend rather stuffed ordered the apple pie to share I had heard so much about in other reviews. Having never had a proper American style pie and not usually a fan of pastry heavy desserts and cooked fruit this could have ended  badly but when the rather charming American waiter came out with a whole pie, cutting us what seemed like a ginormous piece despite us wanting to share my doubts quickly disappeared. Each slice is served with either ice cream or a jug of cream or both if you want and we certainly did. And oh  was a great dessert; hot, cinnamony and delicious I was in absolute awe of this pie. Sitting in this cosy basement, eating quite possibly one of my favourite desserts I have had so far, as it happens a short walk from where I live (an area of London that admittedly previously lacked great eating out spots) , I had found a decently priced comfort food haven that I cannot wait to revisit and am more than happy to welcome to my neighbourhood. 
That pie.


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