Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Delaunay

Eggs Arlington
I'm usually one for the more edgy and informal  places when it comes to eating out, not only because I'm on a student budget but also because I'm generally less than impressed with the stuffy atmosphere that some of these high end establishments tend to have, not exactly ecstatic to be serving diners that aren't going to be spending the big bucks. This was why it was with some trepidation that me and my friend Emmi approached the grand entrance of the Delaunay, the new sister restaurant of the infamously swanky, celeb attracting Wolseley. With both think grand Austrian brassieres , big spaces full of marble and gold that set you back into early 20th century Vienna in a distinctively understated yet sophisticated way were the cuisine is a hybrid of old school European cuisine with particular emphasis on Germany and Austria and comfort food with options like Veal Holstein, apple strudel and ice cream coupes. Service is taken extremely serious here and despite looking a lot younger and poorer than the average crowd in there,  we were indeed treated like royalty during our dinner there, something that does add to the dining experience. My eggs Arlington ( English muffin topped with poached eggs, hollandaise and encircled with smoked salmon) were the perfect indulgence, essentially allowing me to have breakfast for dinner and though by no means cheap ( we both paid around £20 per person) perfectly sum up why it holds so much appeal and has only garnered positive reviews from major critics. Here you get to feel special and no one will raise an eyebrow at outlandish requests, the food might not be groundbreaking but to feel like a VIP for a few hours the Delaunay is the perfect place, a way to escape London for a more extravagant feel of the old world. 

Appel strudel


Twins said...

It is 8am here in Monaco, perfect time for breakfast!!!
I just one to bite in this amazing salmon toast!!!
Looks so good!
I will write this place in my agenda for my next time in London xx

Ria :) said...

mmmm the salmon looks delicious x

Lela said...

This looks delicious and dangerous. Breakfast for dinner = life's best choice.

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