Thursday, 5 April 2012

Club Tropicana

Hat- Topshop
Shirt- Topshop
Trousers- Warehouse
Earrings- Ottoman Hands
Ballerinas- Topshop


Joana said...

You remind me so much of Twiggy...I know you've met her, it must've been amazing. You look great here, I particularly adore the blue (turquoise?) make-up :)

xo Joana

Brassica Napus said...

this suits u so well, it makes me feel that spring is there...i love this outfit on u! keep on small girl, best wishes, johanna

Nina said...

Adore this outfit, those trousers are amazing.

Ria :) said...

i love the print on your trousers :) x

jessica january said...

cooooool trousers!
january, x

Rebecca Jane said...

Those printed pants are absolutely fantastic.