Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar

Bermondsey Friar- who needs meat?

Once in a while you find a new place that encapsulates the best parts of eating out, makes you feel instantly at home and serves addictive food and drink, exciting you enough to warrant numerous back to back visits.  The Hawksmoor bar in spitalfields may just be one of those places for me. As someone that doesn't eat read meat their main restaurants with branches in Covent Garden, Guildhall and upstairs in Spitalfields have never really appealed, a "meat eaters paradise" as its often coined not necessarily leaving me with too many menu options. However the new Hawksmoor bar is something quite different and features a wide array of non beefy options. It is housed in the premises of a former strip club, below the original restuarant, and has an amazing 1920's mirrored walls, blue leather seats and brass vibe that makes you feel like you are hiding away slurping your cocktail in the hedonistic years of the prohibition era. Oh yes, one can of course not forget to mention the amazing c ocktails, taking up as much of the menu as the short yet sweet selection of burgers and the like. Mixologists really think it through here and every month one of them is chosen to pick his dessert island drinks, cocktails at Hawksmoor not merely an afterthought but important part of the dining experience. 

This dining experience is of course not about fine food but what the Hawksmoor bar does manage is to perfect and slightly pimp up comfort food, poutine, a Canadian dish of triple cooked chips topped with gravy and crispy chicken skin for example one of the most comforting dishes I have ever sampled and the Bermondsey Frier ( basically a veggie  burger that makes up lacking beef by mixing numerous types of delicious cheese) is something a meat maniac would even enjoy! Of course one can also not forget the truly awesome desserts that get served here or to be more precise one in particular that is a serious contender for my favourite pudding ever (currently a spot still filled by Spuntino's PBJ), the probably diabetes inducing but oh so good hot fudge sundae. It's the perfect mix of quirky interpretation  (warm chunks of sponge are added here), great presentation whilst keeping to something we are all familiar with  which also pretty much sums up hawksmoor, quirky, cool yet comforting and one if not the best reason to venture to east London, something I am sure to do soon again.
Poutine- ultimate comfort food in one dish
Perfect Lobster roll
One hell of a sundae (although the chocolate one isn't looking too bad either)


Andrea Antoniou said...

mmmmmm the food looks yummy, ive got to check this out :) x

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Those chips are to die for xx

South Molton St Style

Joana Chaves said...

The food looks delicious!

xo Joana

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