Friday 20 April 2012

Vapiano- a little bit of Germany in London

It might sound rather odd at first that Vapiano reminds me of Germany seeing as it focuses on very Italian fare but it is in actual fact a German invention and success story, having spread and expanded there massively over the past few years. London right now has two branches and in my opinion serves the best value and most imaginative range of pasta dishes around. The whole idea here is that you order your selection straight from one of the chefs who will then charge you via a kind of credit card that you get on your way in and which you pay up right at the end for whatever you have picked from the enticing and varied menu. Some of course will hate the whole "self service" aspect here, having to basically queue up  and deliver your plate to your own table but here I think it makes the dining experience much more casual and also means you can really see and determine what goes into your dish. You can choose your pasta, how much chilli you like and basically get the chance to adapt it to perfectly suit your taste. The chefs here have no room for short cuts with the diner able to watch their every move which guarantees top quality and fresh end products to amazing prices ( no main is more than 10 pounds). My favourite has to be the curry All'anatra, a strange sounding concoction of creamy curry sauce, duck and my favourite pasta shape tagliatelle which though not strictly authentically Italian is addictively tasty and highlights how well Vapiano fuses different flavours and influences. A German concept serving Italian inspired food in London? It should definitely not work but for a quick lunch or dinner at super prices there is no better place in London! 
Chefs in action
My favourite- Curry All'anatra


Jess said...

I use to live in Frankfurt and Vapiano's was a regular lunch stop for me. Love it! Just wish they had one here in Sydney!x

Laura said...

I really love Vapiano,one of my favourite restaurant.:)

Andrea Antoniou said...

food looks delicious :) x

Hvit said...

I feel in love with VaPiano while living in Frankfurt. I wish I could live in the one off Oxford Circus, and I had no idea there were two in London! It's such an easy restaurant to eat in, casual but great food. Wish it was as cheap as the German ones though. But that could be the recession too. ;)

Áine said...

When I was in Bremen last year, I just missed the chance of a Vapiano's experience - when we walked in, there were no free tables unfortunately! However, it's such an unusual concept, I definitely want to try it one day.

Duck said...

I love Vapiano for a quick snack - used to go to the one in Munich when I lived there for a while. I still haven't made it to the one in London though, need to try it out for "authenticity"...

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