Thursday 29 April 2021


Let's be honest, there hasn't been much to do in terms of fun activities in 2020 (or indeed 2021 thus far) so one had to find ways to keep entertained.  

Apart from walks (so many bloody walks), another national hobby and past time emerged: queuing for a takeaway flat white and fancy pastry mainly because this was about the closest thing anyone of us was going to get to a restaurant experience. 

This eventually inspired my mission to find London's best almond croissant. Really I blame my local coffee shop, and life line during times of Corona, Friends Of Ours, for getting me hooked on almond croissant. I was never a big fan of them before but their fresh-out-of-the-oven, oozing with almond paste, and topped with melted white chocolate version was SO good that I got a little obsessed with trying London's most hyped bakeries and their versions of this French classic.

There were some surprises, some disappointments and I learnt some rather useful tips if you want to get your hands on a heavenly flaky pastry rather than leave empty handed (mainly to get there as early as humanly possible on a weekend day).

So get out there and try some for yourself - hey it's not quite like a culinary tour of Italy but a pretty tasty culinary project for the time being.



This a pimped up almond croissant like no other, and I am not only say because Friends Of Ours is also my local coffee shop which has kept me sane, fed and supplied with good wine during the Pandemic. 

No, this croissant is special. Oozing with the most amazing almond paste, the croissants gets topped with melted white chocolate, more almond paste and flaked almonds. It sounds OTT and it is, but in the most utterly delicious of ways. 

They don't make too many of these beauties each day, so get down early! You will look like a total mess after eating it but will be back for more trust me!



In terms of perfecting a classic almond croissant you cannot get better than Ottolenghi's version. The pastry is impeccable, the almond paste full of flavour and the whole thing not overly sweet. 

I have been dreaming about having another one ever since my first bite and no other croissant has really compared to it ever since. 

The only caveat of getting your hands on one? These beauties (and their other breakfast items) are for now only sold during the week. The delis also only open at 10am which is not exactly ideal if you are working.  BUT there is always a way so make the most of a day off or bank holiday and walk, jog or cycle to one of their London branches, you will NOT regret it.



I had never heard of this little but mighty bakery in Southwark, about 10 minutes walk from Borough Market, until I started on my quest to find London's best almond croissant and did some online research, but boy am I glad I finally came The Little Bread Pedlar!

That is because it is quite possibly the best bakery I have come across in London, at least from the 3 pastries which I tried across a weekend, twice failing to score an almond croissant and instead trying an equally outstanding cinnamon bun (Copenhagen kinda good) and an awe strikingly amazing hazelnut chocolatine - a twice baked pain au chocolate, filled with hazelnut paste and drizzled with dark choc and more hazelnuts, which was on another note one of the best pastries I have had in my whole life and should get a shout out on it's own. 

The almond croissant I finally managed to get my hands on (last one left at 10:24am on a Sunday FYI) was also fantastic, a minor point reduction for the slightly dry top half of the croissant BUT don't even just come here for the croissant, this place is incredible and I am shocked I had not heard about it before. A firm new favourite on the London foodie map for me!



This chocolate almond croissant from Gail's Bakery is a valiant effort for a chain bakery. Not amazing but still heads above what you would get at a Pret and the like! 

A good option, especially if you get an almond croissant craving a little later in the day as they usually have stocks to last till the late afternoon.



Ooff. This is going to be a controversial one as Flor is one of those super insta hyped bakeries that people literally queue around the block for. 

After several failed attempts to buy an almond croissant - yes, getting here for 11am on Saturday IS too late to get about 90% of their baked goods for the day, I did finally get to try their almond croissant and.... well it was MEH. 

Edible, sure, not cheap at £4.5 and just not memorable or worth the effort of getting here at the crack of dawn on a weekend as they are only open Thursday-Sunday so IMO one to skip!



A fine, not spectacular almond croissant from Pophams bakery with decent pastry quality. Be prepared to queue a good 20 mins + regardless the weeke day. If you are nearby a good option but no must visit.



I LOVED the hint speculoos in this version from Pavilion as well as the wonderfully fragrant almond paste, plus you get quite the large croissant for your money so that there really weren't any complains from me. Indeed this was a very fine croissant that I would have any day!

There are a few branches in London and always a decent amount of baked goods available so you should be able to get your hands on a croissant on most days plus the staff is always super friendly and the vibe not too overbearingly hipster.

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