Thursday 7 January 2021



I am a total gym class junkie and dreaded the prospect of exercising at home when lockdown 1.0 hit, in fact it was the thing I was initial the most worried about, my working out routine playing a big part in maintaining my mental health.

However as we have learnt in the last year, humans tend to adapt quickly and get inventive when faced with challenges.

In the fitness industry that meant going online, of course not being able to run face to face classes.

I won’t lie, I tried just about every online / Zoom / IG live workout going, as addition to my daily runs, and not all of them were great, much like an IRL class so much of it being about the trainer and their style of training.

Eventually I found my dream team, two former Barry’s Bootcamp trainers, Connor Minney and Jay Copley, who ran their own independent online workout programmes, which kept me sane when everything else seemed uncertain in 2020.

These guys are as good as you will get in the fitness game, so I knew it was only going to be a matter of time until they outgrew the daily workouts filmed in their respective living rooms, which is why I was so delighted when they announced the launch of GRNDHOUSE.

Not that it’s only Connor and Jay on board at GRNDHOUSE. Made up of a trainer team of 6, this fitness power house includes the BEST trainers I came across at Barry’s and with the best I mean world class in their training style, ability to motivate and willingness to push you to your limits, and the mix of their personalties (special shoutout to Nik and Louis who I was also a regular with at Barry’s), makes this a world class online platform that I am very glad to be joining right at the beginning. Trust me on this one, if you want to stay fit during lockdown I cannot recommend joining enough.

Why? Well for £25 a month you get a 7 day a week workout plan, every day with a different trainer and different banging playlist. It’s a plan which has been programmed to perfection, pushing you to the absolute limits on some days, improving your mobilities on other, and on certain days focusing on one particular area (leg day anyone?!) to solidly improve your stamina, muscle memory and fitness in no time if you commit. 

Production and branding of the whole enterprise couldn’t be more on point and I cannot help but be a little proud of what these guys have built for themselves since leaving Barry’s.

Eventually they are looking to run their own real life classes and I am 100% there for that, but for now I know GRNDHOUSE will keep me sane and offer me the routine I will need in the next few tough weeks and months.

All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a commitment to join the grind, I’ll see you there.

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