Monday 19 January 2015

Anatomy Of A Room

Living in London, working in a creative field and being in my twenties makes it a near impossibility for me to be living in anything close to a dream flat or room. As everyone in a similar situation ( i.e. 99 percent of Londoners) knows finding something in a decent location for decent money to share with decent and not insane people is a miracle that will make you oversee one or two probably not that minor flaws ( such as the fact that I don't have hot water in my kitchen). However while it may still be years until I will be able to invest in fancy furniture and can aspire to anything close to "pinterest worthy" in terms of interior design, I have found some cheap and fun ways to make my room a little more unique because after all who doesn't want some slightly offensive bunting?

1. "GO FUCK YOURSELF BANNER" -  around £14 with shipping from The Patchriachy
They have an amazing array of banners with a message to suit every mood. Check out their stuff here

2. Dinosaur pillows - £3.99 each from H&M
H&M does surprisingly good home wear and though going for the whole dinosaur duvet set may be taking it a little too far, the two pillow cases combined with a lovely white duvet cover ( mine is from Muji) looks pretty cool and grown up and more importantly like something you'd easily pay double for from Urban Outfitters!

3. Hats
People always ask me where I get my hats from and I have a collection that has accumulated over quite a few years. Most of them were lucky finds in Topshop, hats of course coming in pretty classic shapes so while you won't wear your fedora every season you definitely will in the future so I have kept every hat I ever bought from there. After ruining my favourite white floppy model I also discovered a lovely hat shop via Etsy called Mu Du where they make classic hats in almost every imaginable colour to a very decent cost ( around £40) considering the handy work that goes into every piece and means that I can get my hands on colours that aren't all over the high street!

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