Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A New Look

The way you dress is something that constantly evolves and changes, not only based on the catwalk trends that eventually filter through to the high street and affect everyone whether they like it or or not, but also as you grow up. I am no exception and looking back at some of the outfits I considered "blog worthy" when I started Stella's Wardrobe nearly seven years ago I can't help but cringe at least a little bit. My make up was at times TERRIBLE, coloured eyeliner and too much black Barry M dazzle dust never a good idea, and I sometimes without a doubt took a look a little too OTT-  feathers and sequins being the main culprits here- but I can't deny that all these style misjudgements ultimately shaped the way I dress today . Young and with a I-don't-give-a-shit-if-you-look-at-me-funny-for-dressing-the-way-I-do attitude( a philosophy I still follow to this day) I had fun with fashion and learnt what suits me and what definitely does not. 

My make up may be a little bit more classic these days, accessories a little bit more understated, but every week I still try to create an outfit that I love and am proud of sharing with all of you. This was one of the reasons I thought it was time for a new look for the blog itself. The wonderfully talented Diglee created my first proper banner and it was a real honour to have one of France's most talented illustrators really nail the way I dressed and looked at the time. However  considering that I wouldn't wear most of the outfits depicted by her nowadays I was lucky enough to stumble across an illustration of me  by the equally talented Cannibal Malabar who happened to be a fan of the blog! Together we came up with an idea for the new banner and I can't help but love the end result..yes, it's more grown up but so am I and it has kept the essence of Stella's wardrobe alive and ready to face 2015! What do you guys think?


Sonja said...

You should have no shame whatsoever about dressing crazily and pushing boundaries of good taste! Simply love all of your past selves. If you are anything like me, when you are 45 you will look back on your youthful sartorial eccentricities with a big smile. It means you are doing things, living life to the full, not missing out because of shyness.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy of the result too! I perfectly understand your feelings.
My personal fashion style is evolving every year, learning about what's suits me or not. And also what's more comfy for me. I end up these last 2 years, with a minimal look for the moment ;)

Unknown said...

I still wear the coat I ordered three years back at & still in very good condition.

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