Thursday, 19 December 2013


Some of you may remember my first review of Rita's when it was in residence at Dalston club Birthdays and managed to quickly gain a cult following for it's modern twist on Southern American comfort food classics like fried chicken rolls and chilli mac n cheese. As is the sad reality with pop up restaurants Rita's wasn't to be permanent, at least not at it's original Dalston location. Luckily for it's fans Rita's did eventually find it's very own space just around the corner from London Fields, an area quickly becoming quite the restaurant hotspot, and is now serving an equally imaginative and comforting brunch menu at the weekends that I went to check out. 
The interior is simple and welcoming with a hint of pink and old favourites like their infamous margarita slushies are still to be found on the menu. Even the fried chicken has been included in a brunch menu that takes culinary inspiration from all around the world to create exciting and unexpected flavour combinations. From scrambled eggs with a touch of Japan ( served on miso muffins), blintzes
( Russian crepe like pancakes) filled with warm fruit and ricotta to of course a southern classic until now lacking in the London brunch scene and my order on this occasion  - fried chicken, waffles and maple syrup. My perfectly fried chicken worked wonderfully with the soft waffles and maple syrup and  made it a moorish and surprisingly not too stodgy brunch option while my friend's hock hash with  duck egg was fresh and full of flavour. 
The attention to detail in recipes and willingness to experiment by the kitchen that I first experienced at Birthdays is even more visible now that Rita's has it's own space to develop as restaurant and will definitely see me come back to try the equally enticing dinner menu. Rita's may still be serving some of the finest fried chicken in town but definitely has some more aces up it's sleeve and is a great place for a far from average brunch or dinner.


Joana Chaves said...

The food looks ridiculously good and I'm already on the website thinking of what I'll be eating when I go there! haha

Joana x
When You Dream Big

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