Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Reilly Rocket

smoked trout, poached eggs,  colcannon cake, massaged kale & lemon

On my continuing search for the best places to brunch in London I stayed local this week and tried a new Aussie brunch spot right by my usual night out venues on Dalston Kingsland road! With a cosy interior and extremely attentive service ( maybe a tad too enthusiastic at times..),  Reilly Rocket definitely was at once inviting when me and my friend commenced to sit down for a late sunday brunch. I always do my research before trying a new eating out spot and Reilly Rocket was no exception. After studying the menu online I was rather looking forward to two or three of their options but was left a little disappointed to find that the actual menu was completely  different and a little limited when it appeared in front of us. 

No cooked sweet options, something that I always love for a brunch and only a few, though still great sounding, savoury dishes. I finally settled for the smoked trout with colcannon cake and kale and of course a flat white ( the true measure to see if a place serves a good cup of coffee) and was not let down by either. Aromatically smoked trout served on a well seasoned and light potato cake was finished off with a side of rather underrated kale - it was fresh, unusual and something I had never tried before. Coffee was excellent too and though in it's limited choices it may not be as versatile as Workshop coffee it is a great addition to the east London brunch scene and a place equally good for a spot of lunch with their many imaginative sounding sandwich options! 

breakfast bap with chive & parmesan omelette, crispy bacon, rocket & tomato relish


Unknown said...

when i next visit london im making sure i have all your suggestions handy!

Hayley xx

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