Thursday 10 October 2013

Voodoo Ray's

For me there is not much in life that is better than a good slice of pizza or a great cocktail which is why I was almost guaranteed to love Voodoo Ray's. Why? Well at Voodoo Ray's in a strike of culinary genius they have combined the two to create one of my favourite late night haunts in London. That is not only because of its convenient location a few doors up from Dalston Kingsland Station and thus the perfect place to begin a night of dancing with drinks and those all  important carbs to line the stomach with enough space take a big group of friends along. No, it is also because they really know their stuff when it comes to food and drink. Of course one could quite easily assume Voodoo Ray's is more style than substance with its neon signs, barren walls and hip hop playlist, but the pizza that is served here by the slice is fresh, tasty and extremely good value for money with slices  around the £3 or £4 mark. 
Toppings mix the traditional with the innovative ( bacon dust anyone?) and are baked right in front of your eyes in one of their ovens. My favourite is the Green + White, an irresistible combination of ricotta, spinach, pints, grana padano and mozzarella that has  become an almost  essential part of any night in Dalston. Cocktails are equally great, with anything from their fantastic Amaretto Sour ( and I am an expert as its my favourite cocktail), to their frozen margharitas or Bloody Maria, their take on a bloody Mary, all well made, cheap and are real joy to sip on whilst you wait for your pizza to be delivered to your table on one of their paper plates  in real NY pizza style. Voodoo Ray's is one of those places you want to introduce all your friends to and spend hours drinking, eating and catching up at. It wins you over with it's good food, good drinks and complete lack of pretentiousness ( which in this part of town can sometimes be a bit of an issue) so don't be surprised to find me here, for better or for worse, for many more Friday and Saturday nights to come! 

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Temporary:Secretary said...

I've been hearing a lot of good things about this place, I can't wait to visit! x