Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Silk Dreams

Beanie/ Topshop
Jumpsuit/ Topshop
Necklace/ Zara
Shoes/ Russell & Bromley


Sophie said...

You look so striking!

Renee Nabam said...

That is a beautiful jumpsuit!!

Anonymous said...

The colour is gorgeous on you, amazing styling!
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Unknown said...

i fell in love with that jumpsuit when i seen it today! Looks amazing on you :) the necklace is gorgeous aswell :)

Hayley xx

Lauren said...

What a gorgeous jumpsuit. Love that you've dressed it down with the hat.

Was in Blitz Vintage at the weekend and saw the wee picture they have of you on the wall! x

Charmaine Cowland said...

this jumpsuit is gorgeous!

Hanni said...

Absolutely love this jumpsuit! The colour is incredible! Desperately want to make one for A/W :) XXXX

Vagabond Girl said...

I love your outfit! (But all your outfits look amazing anyway, I sometimes see you around UCL!!)


Doll De Vil said...

Great colours! Love this look ♥

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