Friday, 9 August 2013

Brunch at Honey & Co.

Just a quick tip before the weekend starts! Honey & Co, one of my absolute favourite restaurants in London, has started to offer a unique and tasty brunch at weekends. For £11.50 you get a vast mezze spread with anything from their infamously tasty hummus to more brunchy items like yogurt with their homemade granola. On top of that you get to pick a brunch main with equally enticing options such as roast aubergine, tahini and fried egg in pitta, scrambled eggs on garlic yogurt with roast potato bread soldiers or their middle eastern twist on classic scrambled eggs with added chilli roast tomatoes. The food and flavours are as with their dinner menu exceptional and in terms of value for money pretty unrivalled in London. Another must is their excellent and punchy Turkish coffee, served in a beautiful tin jug it delivers a caffeine kick and great depth of coffee flavour.  The only and minor criticism from me and my overly sweet tooth ( I never tend to go for a savoury option first thing in the morning) is the lack of sweet option as main on the menu, something that I am sure can be added at some point. You have to book to secure a table here and boy it's worth it every time I go. A real gem in London that should be on everyone's to try list!