Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Girl’s Guide To Eating Out In London

·      Avoid the bread vessel.  Bread is an unnecessary component that distracts from tasty fillings and takes up space that could be used for starters or dessert.

·      If they tell you that you won't eat all that meat ( male waiters in burger establishments especially), don't listen to them, believe in yourself and your eating abilities.

·      Don’t queue. Get there before 6:30. And I mean everywhere.

·      Finding a good dessert in London is like finding a loving boyfriend. Cherish that apple pie, finish that sundae.

·      Play spot the tourist at Garfunkel’s and Café Rouge. Don't be one of them.

·      If your date orders a white mocha, strawberry frappuchino or sex on the beach. Leave. It won’t end well.

·      Be a connoisseur in your choice of drunk food enjoyed at 4am. Turkish wraps in Dalston, Chinatown when central. Fried Chicken any time, any place.

·      We all know frozen yogurts only taste good with brownies, chocolate chips and marshmallows on top so stop telling yourself it’s a healthy dessert and get a dessert that actually tastes nice.

·      Sometimes it is totally ok to wear strategically loose fitting clothes (special note when going to chicken shop) no one wants to look pregnant and everyone wants to get stuffed once in a while

·      Macaroons look better than they taste. We all know it so spend that £15 you'd have to fork out for a box and buy a bottle of champagne. Way more fun.


Holly said...

hahahahaha nice post. Love that picture, and you're right, desserts/good boyfriends in London are...few and far between lol xoxox

Jen said...

haha loved this post!


Lauren said...

Excellent post! x

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