Thursday, 18 October 2012


Goats cheese and Lentil salad
Having grown up in Germany until the age of 12 I've always been rather critical of English food (even to this day i struggle to understand the concept of a pie filled with meat) so I have always been hunting for a place in London that offers me a little taste of home. Kipferl, though Austrian in its heritage , offered me exactly the kind of comfort food I have been yearning for. The problem of course I have with other German  places  in London is the tacky and stereotypical way they tend to present themselves, I'm not for example going to be rushing to the Bavarian beer house any time soon, but Kipferl has managed to keep its Austrian essence in a modern and understated way, cosy and with little touches like black and white portraits of well known Austrian statesmen yet not over the top. The menu is refreshingly varied, meaty favourites like Schnitzel and Goulash alongside delicious vegetarian options like the K√§sespaetzle we opted for ( egg noodles topped with mountain cheese) , always served in an elegant way and with salads to cut through the richness of the dishes. Sadly this time I was too full to sample the amazing looking cakes like Sachertorte, apple strudel and desserts like the infamous Kaiserschmarrn that were on offer but as winter approaches this little gem in the middle of Angel's Camden passage's is sure to be a regular dinner spot of mine on cold evenings! 
The amazing Kasespaetzle