Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Broadway Market

There is nothing I enjoy more in London than going for a walk and watching people. When I first moved here that meant exploring central London after my usual weekend brunches but Soho and the like became increasingly repetitive and being so touristy lacked any kind of atmosphere. This is why when one of my friends mentioned Broadway Market in Hackney I was more than keen to have a look what this suburban looking street with various shops, cafes and bars as well as a weekly food market that takes place on a Saturday had to offer. I used to have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about hanging out at inadvertently “hip” places but with Broadway Market it makes for amazing people watching, a great vibe and a real holiday feeling. On warm evenings the streets are swarmed with people eating, drinking and socializing al fresco style and when the markets is on cute dogs, fashionable types, children and anyone up for sampling the numerous cuisines on offer ( anything from Ghanaian to German) circle their way around the various stalls. Climpson and Sons, a tiny coffee shop one of the ends of the street, is my favourite spot to people watch. Perched on one of their wooden benches outside with a flatwhite to fuel me I can sit there for hours on a Saturday or Sunday and watch the world go by. To find such a tranquil, interesting and inviting place in London that has a real neighbourhood is not easy in London which is why I am so glad I was recommended this place and is also why I’d recommend anyone to check it out!  


BlaiseRuby said...

Saw this on your facebook and loved the pictures :) so cute! what did you wear that day??



Lady and Olga said...

Seems like such a cool place... I miss London !

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