Thursday 21 June 2012

Stella's Make Up

 Many of you have asked me to do a post on my make up and now that I finally have finished my exams I thought I could finally dedicate a post to something that I do every morning without really thinking about it. I’ve been doing my eyeliner flick since I’m fourteen and have basically stuck to it ever since. I use the cheapest eyeliner around, at £2.99 hardly breaking the bank, but once put on in the morning has never failed me or rubbed off . I do think mascara is really important and worth spending a little more on. My mascara of choice, Lancome hypnose, is at £25 not cheap but does make a big difference. As you may have noticed especially recently I have used eye make up al lot more to compliment and finish off outfits and my to go to brand for cheap, long lasting dust, coloured eyeliner and eye shadow has to be Barry M. Never over £5 especially the dazzle dust is incredibly easy to apply and create effects with even when just using a simple cotton bud. I don’t really have a method, basically just trying to make both eyes look vaguely the same and think its all about experimenting, I mean if it does go wrong you can just take it off and start again!
Other than that I don’t really use anything and have never been that interested in make up or clued up about it, outfits and clothes definitely more my area of expertise! Its all about trial and error and figuring out what works for you so I think for now the flick is definitely here to stay!