Wednesday 6 June 2012

Field Day- A great way to spend the jubilee weekend!

Before this Saturday I had never been to a music festival. Why? Well to be honest the idea of camping had never really appealed to me, getting muddy, not being able to straighten my hair ( and yes my fringe is one thing that I am rather OCD about) and using portaloos not exactly on top of my list of things to have to endure to enjoy some good live music. This is were Field Day offered the perfect alternative, a kind of light version of a festival for people that want to enjoy a day of music, festival atmosphere and fun without having to leave zone 2 on the tube map. Held in Victoria Park near Mile End, it isn’t a festival of big headliners but more about up and coming cool bands that you can enjoy in an intimate environment before they hit the big time. There is a good mix of genres with artist like Grimes and SBTRKT offering cool electro sounds while the main headliners Franz Ferdinand brought an air of nostalgia to the proceedings, playing classics like ‘Michael’, particularly for me as they were the first indie band I was ever into! Everyone here is still dressed to impress, it is after all held in East London, making for incredibly entertaining people watching and even the food stalls offer a sophisticated array of options far removed from the typical burger vans one thinks of in connection with festivals, with ostrich burgers and hand made pizza backed in a converted little food truck that served as make shift oven, making field day the perfect blend of cosmopolitan atmosphere and fun day out. Everything comes to an end in time for you to catch the last tube home yet whilst there and running from stage to stage with a cup of Pimms in your hand you can completely submerge yourself in the festival spirit, the best of both worlds that will definitely see me return next year, festivals indeed still doable even with an aversion to camping!   
And here my two favourite songs of the day:


ScatterrBrained said...

you. are. so. ridiculously. lucky!!!! I really really wanted to go to field day, but im not old enough for tickets! AHH i love grimes so much :D:D:D:D

rebecca x

charmain said...

Charmain at London on a Plate app..

I love your observation on portaloos and camping.. I completely agree.. The pizza looks fantastic, reminds me of a great one I consumed at Hay Festival, with red onions, chilli and anchovies ...

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