Thursday 8 March 2012

Yalla Yalla

I've never been intrigued by Lebanese food or the concept of mezzo before I tried Yalla Yalla. It never really struck me as particularly interesting or varied yet when I happened to stumble across their menu online I couldn't help but love the look of what was on offer. Here it wasn't about meat (I am of a weird "only eats  the occasional poultry and fish breed" and like to call myself a kinda semi vegetarian) and more about fresh sounding sharing dishes at ridiculously good prices! This is when me and my friend decided to check it out and I have to say I have been converted to this kind of cuisine now for sure! Particularly the halloumi which comes grilled and with olives is absolutely delicious as well as the exceptional hummus, served here with warm pitta bread perfect for dipping, the only hummus I have ever tried and liked. The batata harra, crispy, spicy chunks of potato were also great and seriously moorish, a spread that appeared in front of us that was way more interesting and varied than simply having one dinner dish! The thing that I particularly like about Yalla Yalla is that you leave satisfyingly full rather than stuffed, with everything prepared healthily and with a distinct feel of warmer weathers, much needed in the middle of essay deadline stress. We also sampled the aptly named Beiruti, a ridiculously pretty and girly cocktail made with gin, strawberry, lime juice, pomegranate and Prosecco that was the perfect way to start out the meal. It's not haute cuisine but comforting, fresh food that makes the whole eating experience fun and has completely converted me to mezzo fiend.
Hummus, halloumi, olives and the lovely hot pitta bread
batata harra
Swede, carrot and toasted pitta bread in tomato sauce topped with yogurt
Full spread with falafel,halloumi and hummus
Me and my Beiruti


Zara said...

Your nails looks amazing, what varnish did you use?

Audrey said...

The food looks delicious! I personally love Mediterranean food! Plus, you look so adorable and quirky! I love your look! ^^

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Ooooh this looks like fun, thanks for the recommendation. xx

South Molton St Style

ahmed said...

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