Monday, 12 March 2012

Lace & Colour


Caroline Thornham said...

Wow, I absolutely adore the stunning combination of the turquoise and purple, and the eye shadow is just genius! You were one one the first bloggers I ever followed, and I just love your posts!

Lou Lou said...

Your dress is so pretty, and the shirt looks fab underneath. I love your use of layering in all your photos. I'm also a fan of layering to create more unique looks. By the way you feature on my blog as I photographed you at Fashion Week! xx


love the pruple under ur eyes! so lushhh! i love the way u do your makeup :)

Andie Bottrell said...

I love this color/fabric combination!

Flower said...

Could you do a post on how to do eye make up like that? Everytime I try I end up looking like a weird racoon or something :)
The flower crown is beautiful.
Flower x

Stella's wardrobe said...

Make up post is in the making for next week :)

Plaid & Lace said...

I was looking at this dress earlier for a wedding Im going to, looks really nice. I like the way you have put it with the shirt

Pearl Westwood said...

Such pretty colours highlighted with the gold bag and wow what a bag to have! x

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