Thursday 1 March 2012


I love dessert. In actual fact often it's my favourite part of the meal and a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream or a mediocre tiramisu definitely won't do. With a restaurant scene as diverse as London's I've recently gotten in the habit of having dinner at one place and then moving onto somewhere else for dessert, if there is nothing particularly noteworthy on the menu  like my all time favourite the PBJ sandwich at spuntino without which I would never leave rather seeking out somewhere else that has more to offer and making it  a real occasion every time it comes to the sweet finishing touch to a meal.
One of those places is Gelupo. Seemingly straight out of a 1950's Italian rivera resort with its pastel blue and white striped colour scheme despite it's unassuming location on one of Soho's quieter side streets, it serves the best gelato around. Here it isn't about your classic and let's be honest rather dull flavours. No, here you get challenging flavour combinations like honey, coffee and ricotta or the rather amazing salted caramel as well as properly made and often under appreciated sorbets. The gelato here is the real deal and puts what we consider standard ice cream to shame  in terms of texture and flavour. Their range on offer  might be on the smaller side but everything here is made from top ingredients and using traditional techniques that give it that certain stretch when eating and show off the skill that goes into making good and authentic gelato.On this occasion I sampled an  Italian classic, the affogato, conveniently combining my love for anything coffee with  gelato , hot Italian espresso  poured over your scoop of choice ( I had salted caramel which worked a treat), creating a rich and indulgent caffeine kick that is the perfect end to a meal. 
Gelupo completely transports you to a more summery climate and with its bright and cheerful interior lets you sit down and enjoy a bit of dolce vita even though we are still someway off reaching the British summer and is definitely worth taking a little walk for after your main course.
Affogato with salted caramel gelato in the front and pistachio in the back


Bee said...

Completely in love with your blog!
Following you, check out mine if you want!

Anonymous said...

Dessert really IS the best part of the meal!
I heard someone recently saying that they dislike dessert - shock horror! Can you believe that??

What I actually wanted to say is "Hi!" :-) I met you at LFW this February and briefly chatted to you about your Topshop x MK dress.
I didn't know you were a blogger until 15 minutes ago when I was reading this week's Grazia and saw a pic of you in there with your name and blogger next to it. How cool - I'm following your blog via Bloglovin' now :D

You have a great style, so unique, creative and fun. Und das lustigste ist, dass du auch Deutsch sprichst, hahaha!

All the best!