Monday, 12 December 2011

Mother of Pearl

I got this beautiful skirt and top (which I have worn back to front here to show off the intricate print and padding at the shoulders) from the Mother of Pearl sample sale that had been on a couple of weekends ago. Each season they collaborate with a different artist which i think is a great way to create unusual prints combined with high quality materials and cuts. This was also the first chance for me to wear my ridiculously fluffy and white coat from Topshop which I have coined my 'Russian princess' coat and it makes wearing extra layers a lot less boring than your run of the mill winter outerwear!


mispapelicos said...

Wonderful dreamy print. I love shoulder pads, the 40s and 80s weren´t wrong at all, they enhance women´s figure.
The whole look is stunning.

Anonymous said...

absolutly awesome!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

This is a fabulous look (and I saw your other outfits, unbelievable too). I love it when artists work their magic on fabrics or cuts. Wonderful use of turquoise or teal too. I can't get a certain teal out of my head, so it was lovely to see it on your eyes and earrings!

JINNA YANG said...

holy shit ur hair, your outfit.



Severine Arend said...

Your makeup..that dress !...totally swooning over here.

Olga said...

Looks amazing! Very stylish as always.

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