Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Corner Room

No phoneline. No bookings. The Corner room is a well kept secret on London's restaurant scene, a discretely hidden dinning room within the Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel that is worth discovering. Thats because at the Corner Room you not only get to enjoy the quirky interior including a staircase that leads to nowhere and a carpet deer head but you also get served Michelin star food for incredibly low prices. No main costs more than £15 and starters as well as desserts hover at the £5 mark yet for this you get to try carefully executed and presented dishes that will challenge your taste buds and will leave you absolutely gopsmacked with the kind of food you are experiencing for these kind of prices. My favourite was the dessert, a japanese spice flavoured granita served with goats curd that had toffee at it's centre and blueberries sprinkled around it, combining sweet, salty, creamy and cold flavours, not your typical kind of dessert but awe inspiringly good! I will definitely return very soon to the Corner room, a gem of a restaurant where every dish leaves you excited and aching to experience more of the menu.
  Green beans with tapernade, almonds and sardines
Beetroot carpachio, sunflower seeds and goats curd
Duck with Black Pudding reduction and spinach
Cured salmon with red cabbage and walnuts (best salmon i have ever had)
After the PJB sandwich at Spuntino my favourite dessert of the year. Amazing.


Annelie said...

Looks very good, might have to try it some day. just need to find a babysitter first ;-)

sk said...

Stunning pictures! You have a new addicted follower!



ELLA. said...

Oh let's go back soon! Yum yum xx

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