Wednesday 21 September 2011

Double denim

Just a little outfit that I improvised midweek, nothing new, just reworking some bits and bobs, but I think an interesting and very different way of styling the denim shorts compared to the first outfit they were part of!


Twins said...

yeahhh!! Like your short!! Make a zoom next time on, or a link to first outfit you create with it!

B.eela said...

I like your hair!

Chantelle Thomas said...

Gorgeous shorts!

LUU H. said...

i can literally never get enough of your hair - it is so perfect! how do you treat your hair?

Unknown said...

Awww you look so nice :)

It was lovely to meet you at LFW!

Let's def meet as we said for dinner. Would be great :)

You can get me on xx

Rosalind said...

I have been enjoying scrolling through all your posts. You have such a unique sense of style, and I'm glad that it was recognised at LFW! Hope we see each other soon.
Also, I can't help marvelling at your haircut every time I see photos of you!

Stories and Sequins said...

I love your shorts! You have such a distinct sense of style:)

Stories and Sequins