Tuesday 27 October 2009

Stella's Ten Rules Of Fashion

  1. DO NOT WEAR SHORTS OVER LEGGINGS, wearing two cropped items at the same time is not a good look.
  2. DO NOT WEAR LEGGINGS LIKE THEY ARE TROUSERS. yes with a long t-shirt it works but leggings do not substitute trousers. full stop. even if you are a size 6.
  3. DO NOT WEAR TRAINERS WITH SKIRTS OR DRESSES. in this case it has to be said that there are exception like for example the timeless low cut converse trainer and high top nikes BUT these are only exceptions.
  4. DO NOT MATCH YOUR HANDBAG TO YOUR SHOES. Victoria Beckham does it, what more do I have to say.
  5. DO NOT BUY FAKES, I saved a whole year for my chanel 2.55 and its worth every penny. Everyone can spot fakes rather be an individual, no one needs labels to be stylish.
  6. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE AN INDIVIDUAL. So what if people look at you when you walk down the street better to get them talking and be happy then try and conform to their "idea" of fashion, plus you never know they might be loving your look!
  7. DO NOT SUCCUMB TO THE UGG BOOT. This is a personal pet hate and many of my friends wear them but I fail to understand how they can make any outfit stylish. they might be warm but I think they should be banished to sub zero temperature days.
  8. BE PROUD OF YOUR APPEARANCE. I hate having chipped nails and unstraightened hair on myself and everyone has things that that they get annoyed with. Just try your best to feel comfortable in your skin.
  9. DO NOT WEAR CLOTHES THAT DON'T FIT. looking good in clothes has got nothing to do with your size, what does look bad though is wearing clothes that make you look like you are about to burst out of them. It makes you feel uncomfortable and is not the most pleasing sight for the general public.
  10. DO NOT COPY ANYONE. Yes you can get inspirations from celebs and magazines but everyone is capable of having their own style and one fashion formula doesn't work on everyone. The only way to find out what suits is by trying and I have made mistakes in the past but that's all part of finding one's individual indentity.


cornacchiara said...
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Roman Heart said...

I completely agree with you, they are very good rules to follow, especially for the case of UGG boots! ..
It's not always easy to be comfortable with your body, in clothes, it is sometimes a long work on oneself, and not easy to not be afraid of what other people because we dress for us but it is others who judge us, and others are still more than ourselves! ..
I really like your blog, it is very varied as your wardrobe and I think it's fantastic! :)

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