Saturday, 31 October 2009

I've had a really busy week, went to London and Cambridge and found a lovely dress for half price! anyways as i'm still delving into some of my best of buys today I will talk about one of my fashion secrets if you can call it one. whenever i visit my granddad in germany i make a beeline for one particular H&M. this H&M carries a line that i have not seen in any shops in England and has a very different direction from the usual H&M stuff. in england i also find that there are basically two lines, "divided" which is more teenage orientated but not my thing ( too many star prints and reworking trends from like 3 seasons ago) and the business wear for the over 30's market which is usually simple and rather boring. The collection in this Duesseldorf H&M though is always totally on trend and often displays quite daring ideas before the other highstreet chains catch on. I once read an article that said that Margareta van den Bosh, head designer at H&M, has a favourite among her collection and though i can only guess i am sure it must be this one. the pieces i've bought from there are top quality at a low price and do not look like the typical H&M fare.

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