Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Best of

So I thought to myself seeing that I have only started this blog yesterday it would be unfair to my other (older) clothes to not be included in this blog. i am really weird in that concern, i feel bad if havent worn a dress in a while, like have abandoned a friend. this is why i'm showing you two of my favs. I have always had an admiration for fred perry stuff, maybe because of the timeless design, maybe because of the cool britannia vibe of the whole label ( if you haven't seen This is England i recommend you watch it now!) and this dress although quite pricey was a timeless buy. The other one is one of my zara favourites. i find zara a bit difficult they are always very "safe" in their collection but once in a while you do find on-trend pieces that have a very flowy quality.


Rebecca said...

your very right about zara, i only find everyday stuff in there like cardigains etc, its strange x love the new blog

5Preview said...

LOVE the Fred Perry dress!!!!!

Riyan Cilacap said...

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