Tuesday 16 February 2021


Following a gluttonous birthday week with all the cake, all the wine and way too many Deliveroo orders, I was desperate for a body reset, particularly in times of lockdown where you can't just hit the gym hard to make up for it

Ok, disclaimer I do run every day and am fully committed to the daily amazing and pretty challenging classes offered by GRNDHOUSE, but for me it was also the fact that I felt slightly disgusted by what I had been putting into my body - gluten which never agrees with my belly, plenty of alcohol and all sorts of other very tasty but not so good for you things. 

A juice cleanse sounded appealing. 3 days of drinking cold pressed juices to cleanse the body, refocus yourself and get rid of a hell of a lot of toxins in my body. Also what better time to attempt my first cleanse than during a lockdown where there is no where to go, no temptations and all the walks in the world to go on to pass the time between juices.

After a quick search online I decided on Fuel Station's 3 day juice cleanse. There are a lot of options and company's specialising in cleanses online and some are ridiculously expensive (something like £49 A DAY for some) and though I was a little put off by Fuel Station's questionable influencer endorsements, let's just say there are quite a few #SPON posts by former Love Island contestants, I was actually pretty impressed with their offering overall and would wholeheartedly recommend them. 

Why? Well the prices are super fair, my 3 day cleanse was around £50, the delivery was super fast (ordered on a Thursday, arrived Friday afternoon to start the cleanse on the Saturday), and the juices were tasty, super fresh and came with clear instructions!

The juices arrive frozen and take a bit of time to defrost, so bear that in mind, and you also get a brief leaflet with a few pointers and the order in which to drink the juices each day. 

There a 5 juices in total per day plus a ginger shot which actually turned out to be plenty. I liked all the flavours, my favourite was the carrot, ginger and apple juice, my least favourite the slightly bland lemon, cucumber and kale juice but honestly by day 2 I was actually looking forward to the juices! 

A disclaimer: I did add a simple veg soup in the evening (and left out the 5th juice instead) as I was still doing my long runs and workouts and usually only very light exercise is recommended during the cleanse but I really didn't feel hungry and by the end felt very refreshed, not craving crap anymore and much more aware of what I am putting into my body.

Could I live this life forever? No, because I missed cooking and hey what is life without a little wine and sweet treats but I will for sure do a juice cleanse now once in a while to reset and reassess.

Below a few tips, tricks and observations during my 3 day juice journey:

  • I would recommend doing it over a weekend - you can have a lie in, go for long walks and avoid overthinking the whole thing and the foods you are missing which you are much more likely to do if you are stuck at your WFH desk instead.
  • My only real negative side effects were a few headaches here and there and a lot of peeing (A LOT). 
  • There will be juices you don't dig but you will drink them anyways.
  • You feel weirdly productive (especially as I spent a lot my weekends cooking usually) so write yourself a to do list of things you have usually avoided doing and YOU WILL GET THEM done during your cleanse days.
  • I had one coffee a day because I cannot live without, don't feel bad for a few amendments to the cleanse (see soup also).
  • Don't plan a massive meal on day 1 past the cleanse or your stomach is going to go nuts. Start on little portions of rice cakes and fruit to slowly ease you back into solid foods which is exactly what I am doing now.
  • Don't be afraid of the idea of doing a juice cleanse, it sound more intimidating than it actually is and what is the worst that can happen? Yes, you can fail but I didn't really fancy anything unhealthy once I had started, your mind will adapt super fast!

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