Thursday 19 December 2019


I have a sweet tooth, there is no denying that and while I am not a big cake person I LOVE a good cookie which is why I got VERY excited when I heard about a brand new bakery opening up in Soho that was going to specialise in baking hefty, gooey and delicious cookies that also pushed the boat out in terms of flavour combos and ingredients used.

It also helps of course that I am a total marketing victim and their beautifully curated Instagram feed and well designed packaging made me even more determined to check Crème out (they already have a very decent Instagram audience of nearly 24k despite only opening their doors to the pubic in September). 

As I saw a queue sneak out of the tiny bakery space, which only has seating space for two by the window so be prepared to takeaway unless you are very lucky and don’t mind a constant stream of people walking in and out, clearly I was not the only one that had gotten wind of this place. However I am happy to report that here the social media hype was fully worth it and I may have had my favourite cookie in London EVER here, and that is saying something considering how many cookies I have tried since living here.

Why are they so great you may ask? Well at Crème they have nailed the perfect gooey inside to crumbly outside ratio and the flavours are also out of this world good. There aren’t many, in fact they only do 4 types of cookies, but you really don’t need more when the classics are done so well. 

Not that they don’t add their own twists - alongside your classic double chocolate and milk chocolate cookies you also get my absolute favourite- white chocolate and miso which may sound an odd flavour combination but here works an utter treat. I don’t quite know how to describe the flavour combo but it was just about the best white chocolate cookie of my life and I have been back several times to get my hands on more. 

On my second visit I also tried their fourth and last cookie flavour on offer, oat and raisin, which was perfectly soft and was made from an incredibly delicious spiced cookie dough, speckled with juicy raisins, and was able to just about blow any other oat and raisin cookie I have ever had out of the water.

Disclaimer: they are not cheap, in fact it's £4 for one cookie or £22 for a box of 5 which is a lot, I have to admit, especially considering that a Ben’s cookie is still under £2, but at Crème I wasn’t actually outraged to be spending this kind of money. I guess for me Crème is the Laduree of cookies, an artisanal product, baked fresh on the premises that is a real spectacle to eat and to be honest one would happily spent that much on an amazing slice of cake so I don't see why the same can't apply to a cookie!

I have been back every weekend for a treat cookie since my first visit, literally craving them, and I urge you to go to Crème ASAP - yes the place and the cookies are Instagram gold and their branding is fab but boy the cookies are a straight 10/10 and that is saying something coming from this self proclaimed Cookie Monster.



You can’t go wrong with a Ben’s Cookie and once in a while nothing is better than a lovely red box of mixed cookies from them. Quality can vary depending on which of their branches you go to (I’ve had a few slightly “off” tasting cookies before) but generally these cookies are iconic for a reason! My favourites: white chocolate macadamia nut and dark chocolate.


If you want a good and cheap supermarket cookie fix then I can’t recommend these Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference cookies enough. They are miles better than any other supermarket cookie and are baked daily at the in-store bakeries so taste super fresh. They strike the perfect balance of sweet from the white chocolate and a little tart from the freeze dried raspberries, have a great texture AND are only £1.65 for a pack of four. These have rescued me on more hungover occasion than I’d like to admit and have never failed to fulfil my cookie cravings!

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