Tuesday 11 July 2017


A few things that have made my summer that little bit more special so far to inspire you to do the same!

If you are looking for an affordable way to up your interior design game: JUNIQE

I have been a big fan of Juniqe for a while now and they never fail to get me excited with their super cool and diverse range of bed sheets, pillow cases and framed prints which will liven up even the most boring of dwellings. I am currently obsessed with my new cactus print bed sheets and David Hockney inspired pool print adorning the blank wall behind my sofa, after all it;s good to change things up once in a while and Juniqe is the perfect place to find unique touches for your room that won't cost a fortune and are fun and design driven at the same time!

If you want sunglasses with wow factor: QUAY AUSTRALIA / ALIEN SHADES / PANAME EYEWEAR

As anyone following this blog will know I bloody love a good accessory and have a particular weakness not only for ridiculously heavy and over the top earrings, slowly but surely destroying my poor earlobes, but have also amassed a rather big collection of sunglasses over the years which I still manage to expand  every summer with a few new extravagant pairs.We do not get the sun here in full force very often so I think why not make a real statement with a pair of sunnies to finish off a look during the few months that we can without look slightly demented!

This year I was lucky enough to stumble across three brands that I particularly love for their distinctive designs and which have quickly become staple additions to my summer wardrobe.
Quay Australia are known for their affordable yet fashion forward sunglasses and this season I am obsessed with their pink and purple ombre effect cat eye style 'All My Love' while Alien Shades' pink and very 90's leaning LA LA design with a hint of Barbie are super fun and dress up even the simplest of summer ensembles. My favourite new pair of the season however have to be Paname Eyewear's super statementy winged sunnies in black and brown (available at Boxpark pop up store Couco in Shoreditch) which add real drama to any outfit especially when combined with an equally statement-worthy pair of earrings. One thing is certain, these wont be the last sunglasses purchased by me this summer but for now they are definitely my new favourites.

If you are looking for a killer happy hour in the sun: THE BACH HOXTON

I have been a fan of The Bach ever since it opened around the corner from my flat a few months ago, it, more often than not, rescuing me from even the worst of hangovers with a portion of their incredible corn fritters to takeaway, picked up by me to devour in bed in a certain state of disarray and not a smidgen of make up on my face, and always managing to make me feel semi alive again. To my delight they recently also added an evening menu to their repertoire and with that a short and sweet selection of cocktails which on a sunny day can be enjoyed at one of their outside tables overlooking Hoxton street.

To make things even better you can not only book a table here on a Friday night for drinks and actually get one, basically unheard of in London especially when the sun is out, but they also have a rather fantastic happy hour on from 6pm to 8pm where it is buy one get one free for all cocktails on the menu. Offering all the classics, from a stellar margarita to an exceptional espresso martini, these aren't some watered down soft drinks posing as cocktails, no they very much hold their own when compared to the supposedly best cocktail bars in town I have drunk at before. Service was also fantastic and I will be sure to make the most of this spot during sunny eves this summer before the rest of London finds out what a hidden gem this is!

If you want proper Italian pasta delivered to your front door : COZZO PIZZERIA

Maybe it's the lingering memories of my fantastic recent trip to Rome or maybe it's because I have been watching too much Master Of None over the last few weeks (anyone that has watched this brilliant TV show will of course know that Aziz Ansari's character Dev has a slight obsession with all things paaaaaaaaasta) but I have been having a real craving for this fabulous form of carb over the last few weeks, also triggering my recent visit to and review of the fantastic Padella in Borough Market.

However ordering pasta via ubereats or Deliveroo had more often than not left me pretty disappointed in the past, the overcooked and under-flavoured dishes delivered nothing like the amazing pasta I so craved, which is why I was even more surprised how good Cozzo turned out to be. Funnily enough I had walked past the actual restaurant many many times before, it being on my direct walk home from the gym, and had always thought it looked pretty legit yet never actually made it inside to eat.

 Now I can't vouch for the service or atmosphere of eating there but my king prawn linguine with chillis and fresh tomatoes was pretty flawless, of course not quite like having it in a tiny roman trattoria but absolutely satisfying, fresh and with a homemade and authentic feel that already has me excited to try more of their pasta option. A new delivery favourite and a restaurant I'd also eventually like to eat at! Let my pasta obsession continue!


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