Thursday 12 February 2015

Aztec Print

Hat / Topshop
Top / Eleven Paris 
Shorts / ASOS
Coat / Missguided
Trainers / Nike


Opus TJK said...

interesting. u hv a face dat calls out to people, so u were pull off this outfit. if ur face was pale, this would have been a great NO.


She got to their bed using her hands to feel around her. She thought about how they could leave the building. They were on the ninth floor. She tried to remember anything she could, on surviving a fire. She tried consoling the children
“ Mummy what is happening” Alex asked
“Are we going to die? Is there a fire” Prudence asked
“Let us try getting into the bathroom” Tania said.
The heat was becoming very unbearable and the screams around them was even worse. The smell of burning flesh was nostalgic. Then Prudence slumped. Tania screamed, and Alex started crying even louder than before . We can’t die here Tania thought to herself, as the curtains burst into flames. She tried waking Prudence up, but she remained still and lifeless. Tania's chest constricted, she could barely see around them, and Alex started wailing.
“Alex, mummy loves you. Daddy loves you too”. Tania said coughing
“Is Prudence sleeping” Alex asked still crying.
Tania dragged Prudence’s body from the bed, to the floor, the tiles were scorching hot. Then she slowly dragged her, using a blanket towards the bathroom, hoping it wasn’t on fire yet. After what seemed like an eternity, she felt the bathroom door. She tried opening it, but it won’t budge. All around them the flames were getting closer, and she was sweating like she was going to melt.

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