Wednesday 30 April 2014

Feng Sushi

Despite living in London for a good three years now I have only had sushi a handful of times. Why? Well it is not that easy to find a decently priced, good quality and most importantly authentic sushi joint in the capital despite an abundance of places selling  what they call 'sushi'. This term is of course more often than not rather loosely applied to creations quite far removed from the fine art of sushi making cultivated in Japan ( and shown brilliantly in one of my favourite documentaries 'Jiru Dreams of Sushi', portraying the commitment and skills that lie behind becoming a true sushi chef), from culinary crimes like tinned tuna in a California roll to smoked salmon on top of what should be an expertly shaped piece of rice finished off with raw fish, there are many Westernised interpretation I would rather stay away from. There are of course some great Japanese restaurant in London that have successfully exported this 'art' of sushi with their seasonal menus, finely tuned flavours and expertly trained and presumably also exported chefs ( from the reviews I have read Sushi Tetsu being the best of the bunch). That excellence does come at a cost which unfortunately for the time being remains a little out of my price league though it remains on my list of places to eventually visit for a yet to be celebrated special occasion. For the time being however spending over £60 on rice and fish is not really justifiable which as I  have luckily found out doesn't mean completely giving up on getting pretty descent sushi at a good price and have it delivered to the comfort of your own home. Feng Sushi managed to do all of that and for around £15 a head delivered a freshly made, high quality and imaginative selection of sushi to my house that was a joy to eat and there in under an hour. With lots of different selections to choose from, whether you are vegetarian, want brown instead of white rice or leave the carbs completely behind with a sashimi mix, it is of course not strictly speaking authentic but where it may be a little 'pret' in its well thought through packaging and health conscious edge, it ultimately delivers on the  taste, quality and most crucially for me freshness of the sushi ( no ice cold rice gluing to your mouth here) and left my sushi craving well and truly satisfied. It is a takeaway option I am glad to have discovered and a chance to indulge in my love of sushi a little more often, even if I still dream of having the proper sushi experienc, ideally with a visit to Tokyo, one day! 

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Unknown said...

I recommend you visit Yoshi Sushi in Hammersmith. Hidden away, off the beaten track, authentic, delicious. There was a full ceremonial sit-down meal (don't even want to guess the official name, but robes were worn and shoes were off) going on in the back room when I visited! And the food was yummy.