Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Because fashion and clothes sometimes just need to be about having fun me and my best friend Abigail were inspired by one of THE films of my childhood years, Clueless, to relive the nineties last Saturday night. I may not be the biggest fan of fancy dress in general ( in fact I usual go for the ballerina / princess option as most of my wardrobe rather worryingly works for either), but I have to say Clueless did no doubt teach me a few fashion lessons that I have remembered to this day.  I may not usually go for the top to bottom matching look but this SS14 I have not been able to say not to a co-ord set and hell knee high socks are a look that after this night I am more than willing to rock a few more times this summer. It's good to sometimes leave your style comfort zone a little bit and I for one don't really think I carry of the "girly girl" look very well but in my role of Cher for the night and with that certain 'WHATEVER' attitude it was great to wear something I usually wouldn't and we are already plotting costumes ideas for a future night out! 

Hat / H&M
Jumper / Miss Selfridge
Skirt / Topshop Boutique
Socks / Topshop
Shoes / ASOS
Backpack / Blackblessed

Set / Misguided