Thursday 25 April 2013

Colour Colour Colour

Since having my hair bleached white I have been trying my way through all the DIY colours out there and feel it was about time to share some of the tips, tricks and dramas ( yes there have been plenty) so that you can try it at home too!

1. The colours are not harmful to your hair and wash out after a few washes, its more the bleaching that potentially damages the hair if you don't look after it properly

2. When it comes to choosing a colour be aware that colours based on blue tones (say purple or turquoise) take a lot longer to wash out and which may leave a rather undesired green tint . Because I still like to do it and get bored of colours pretty quickly the best way to get the colour out quick rather than just washing it a lot is to dye a red based colour like pastel pink over it which will wash out into pristine white  and get rid of any unwanted green!

2. You can order colours online or get them in any specialist hairdressing shop. I either go to Sally or walk around Camden market where you are bound to find them somewhere! 

3. There are two main brands, Crazy Colour and Directions:
I used the Crazy Colour for my lilac hair and the first time I tried pink. Application is easy, just wash hair as normal then put in colour evenly and leave in 30 mins till rinsing it out. Personally I thought the coverage wasn't very even so that I ended up with some bits of my fringe being a different colour. The colours also tended to be weak on first application so I had to apply it several times, especially the marshmallow pink not coming it very well so that I went out the next day and bought directions colour instead.
Directions colour comes in a small pot and is applied using a brush, way easier to use than the Crazy Colour squeezy bottle especially if you do it yourself. You can dilute the colour using any conditioner to mix the exact shade you desire, I for example diluted the very dark turquoise into a pastel shade, and like crazy colours is simply put it in after washing and towel drying your hair. 15 minutes later wash out and from my experience you are left with a lovely even colouring that only needs one application! Directions is definetely the easiest brand I have used and the colour you see is pretty close to the colour you will have on your hair so means less potential hair nightmares!

4. When it comes to getting the colour  out the best way of doing so is using Anti- Dandruff shampoo which is especially good at lifting out any colour. If you end up having a bit of a yellow tint left over use one of my secret weapons purple shampoo which gets rid of any yellow pigment. It's essentially a shampoo for people going white that want to get rid of any annoying patches of grey and is available at any boots, a great way to get the hair back to bright white!

5. Lastly to make sure that my hair doesn't get too damaged I do take some extra care. A great trick that my lovely hairdresser Grace at Bleach London gave me was sleeping with conditioner in a couple of times a week, the best and probably cheapest deep hair mask you are going to find! Wet hair, massage in the conditioner and put a towel on your pillows, wash out and shampoo as normal the next morning and you will be left with shiny, silky and healthy hair! 


Anonymous said...

The color green is nice !

Ludivine said...

Thanks for this tips, tricks (and dramas)



Amanda Davies said...

Love this!

Just about to do another pastel hair tutorial, gradient this time :)


Unknown said...

Thks you so much for this. I try to get pink, or red, hair this summer and you post helped me. :) xx

Lady and Olga said...

I use these too :)